Small group teleconference calls with Dr. Hart for law enforcement applicants

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Small Group Teleconference Calls with Dr. Hart for Law Enforcement Applicants

$15 for 45 minutes

shieldInterested in joining 10 to 12 other people in one of my telephone conference calls? I would like to help you better prepare for a career in law enforcement.

Over the next several months, I will host several open-forum question and answer telephone sessions designed to help you the the police application process. Please contact me today. Space is limited!

If you are interested in participating in a teleconference discussion session, please send me the following information. Please wait for your confirmation before sending payment.

Thank you,
Mac Hart (

Your name:

City/State of residence*:

Preferred email address:

Daytime phone number:

Evening phone number:

Fax number:

Law enforcement agencies where you hope to apply:

Specific questions you might like to ask during the teleconference call:

Please indicate which days of the week and times (all Eastern Standard Time) you would typically be available for a teleconference call:

Monday :

Noon 5PM 6PM 7PM

Tuesday :

Noon 5PM 6PM 7PM

Wednesday :

Noon 5PM 6PM 7PM

Thursday :

Noon 5PM 6PM 7PM

*Please note: Virginia residents and applicants are not eligible for this service.

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Law enforcement coaching services for new police applicants