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Each of the recordings below is designed to help you reduce bodily pain and discomfort. The CDs are priced at $15.00 each. The entire set of four CDs is available for $54.95. An additional $3.00 will be added per order for shipping and handling (U.S. and Canada only; for international orders please contact Dr. Hart. For shipping within Virginia, 5% state sales tax will also be added).

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Relaxation For Pain Relief CD - Use your body's natural relaxation response to let go of anxiety, body tension, and unnecessary discomfort.

Finding A Safe Place - Letting Go of Pain CD - Use your creative imagination and powerful memories of comfort to develop a place of security and freedom from pain.

Magic Fluid For Pain Relief CD - Use powerful visual and kinesthetic imagery to fill your body with sensations of comfort.

Blackboard Method For Pain Reduction CD - Learn to project your pain onto a special blackboard and watch how your comfort develops.

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