Questions you may be asked during a police interview

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The Firing Line

Welcome, law enforcement applicant. Please have a seat in your virtual chair. Take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. The Oral Board has a structured series of questions to ask each applicant today. Please answer each question in a thoughtful, complete fashion. Are you ready?

  1. Why are you seeking a career as a police officer/deputy sheriff?
  2. What education & experience do you possess that has prepared you for this career?
  3. Describe the worst situation you have encountered in a work situation. How did you deal with the problem?
  4. How do you feel about carrying a gun and possibly having to take someoneís life in the line of duty?
  5. What are the sources of stress in your personal & work life? How you do manage this stress?
  6. What is your pattern of alcohol use?
  7. What types of interpersonal conflict have you experienced in your work life?
  8. What steps did you take to resolve the issue?
  9. In what area are your looking for a change or self improvement?
  10. What personal qualities and traits do you possess that would make you well-suited for a law enforcement career?
  11. What types of situations cause you to feel discouraged? Anxious? Irritated?
  12. When have you had to take charge of a situation to quickly resolve a problem or crisis?
  13. As a police officer, you pull a speeding car. Itís a friend of yours and you think he may have been drinking. How would you handle the situation?

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Questions you may be asked during a police interview