Police Interview Newsletter - Powerful Police Links

Volume 1, Issue 7
July, 2002

There is an amazing amount of great police-related information out there on the web! The following web sites are some of my favorites for law enforcement applicants involved in the job search process. In addition to powerful job search engines and listings for every local, state, and federal law enforcement agency, there are some wonderful articles, journals, books, tips, and FAQs for police recruits and veterans alike.

Take a couple hours to acquaint yourself with the resources available at the following web sites. I promise that it will be time well spent.

HTTP://WWW.LAWENFORCEMENTJOBS.COM: Extensive listing of jobs, by state, for police, deputy sheriff, animal control officer, park ranger, corrections. See “Job Seeker Tips”.

HTTP://WWW.CRIMINOLOGY.FSU.EDU/CJLINKS: Florida State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice sponsors “Criminal Justice Links” - a rich and powerful index for jobs, grants, police agencies, federal agencies, criminal justice information, crime & prevention pages, community corrections, CJ education, forensics, conferences, books, scholarly sources, and news stories.

HTTP://WWW.POLICEFIND.COM: Comprehensive listing (web links) of every police department, sheriff's office, and U.S. Federal Agency nationwide. See criminal justice resources, police training, & executive resources.

HTTP://WWW.OFFICER.COM: Informative links to law enforcement agencies worldwide, associations and organizations, corrections resource sites, criminal justice resources, & employment opportunities. Law enforcement news.

HTTP://WWW.POLICEEMPLOYMENT.COM: Federal, state, & local law enforcement job listings. Interview tips. Extensive list of web links. See “Fugitive Hunter”, an online game, to test your investigative ability.

HTTP://WWW.PSEA.COM: A membership organization ($21.95 for 2 months) offering a database of current and newly listed openings for public safety professionals. Includes entry level positions for police, fire, EMS, communications, and corrections. Also lists promotional opportunities, administrative jobs, and executive positions nationwide.

HTTP://WWW.POLICECENTER.COM: Recent police-related Supreme Court decisions, law enforcement news stories, offers subscriptions to law enforcement journals and books: Search and Seizure Bulletin, Arrest Law Bulletin, Narcotics Law Bulletin, Police Department Disciplinary Bulletin, Police Officer Grievances Bulletin, Police Immunity, Internal Affairs Handbook. Police and criminal law links to federal agencies, police departments, centers & institutes, new sites.

HTTP://WWW.APBWEB.COM: Online version of the very popular American Police Beat monthly newspaper. Employment opportunities for new applicants and veteran officers. “Today's Law Enforcement News.” Featured articles and photos archived (eg. A Day in the Life of a Patrol Officer). Police Training Calendar provides an exhaustive listing of topics, dates, locations. Links to good police chat sites.

HTTP://WWW.IACP.ORG: The International Association of Chiefs of Police web site. Links to: law enforcement agencies by nation, region, and state; associations and organizations; federal government sites; judicial sites; research sites; and state associations of chiefs of police. Job search engine for new police applicants, instructors, and police executives. Subscribe to “Police Chief Magazine” for $25.00 per year.

HTTP://WWW.COPSEEK.COM: Excellent law enforcement bookstore. Police exam preparation materials available for purchase. Employment Center listing of jobs. Extensive search engine for thousands of law enforcement web sites organized into 70 distinct categories.

HTTP://WWW.LEARNATEST.COM: Purchase practice exams (specific by state) for police and correctional jobs. Helpful descriptions of the application and hiring processes for local, state, and federal law enforcement. Test preparation tips. Stress management tips. Book/Test Store for law enforcement resources. Law Enforcement FAQs. Career Advice: “Is a Career in Law Enforcement Right for You?”, “General Qualifications”, “Risks” (of becoming an officer).


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